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Our Story | Persoi

As a health and fashion-conscious career woman and mom, always on the go, I learned to understand the importance of balance. I found packing a lunch meant I could control the quality and quantity of my food, and when and where I ate. , and it was less expensive.

I’m a believer in style with comfort. I need my wardrobe to perform and empower me to crush my goals. Unfortunately searching for lunch boxes, purses, or sports bags to carry prep meals or power foods, there just weren’t any options that both looked chic and performed.

Lunch Handbags designed to empower your healthy lifestyle

Fashion Meets Function

We designed a handbag that looks great and is versatile. Durable but feather lightweight so you can carry glass containers and fit all essentials. Sustainable and machine washable for safety. We included a place setting with stainless steel utensils and a cloth napkin so wherever you find yourself, you can create clean, safe space for eating mindfully.


Patricia Caballero

Fit and Fabulous - Patricia on bike ride with Persoi bag