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Our Story

As a health and fashion-conscious career woman and involved mom, always on the go, I learned to understand the importance of balance. I found packing a lunch meant I could control the quality and quantity of food, when and where I ate, and it was less expensive.

Persoi CEO and founder Patricia Caballero is a believer of style and comfort. An avid practitioner of self-care, she believes the lunch break is a perfect opportunity to practice a little mindfulness and find joy in the daily.

“It’s in the smallest details that we often find the greatest opportunities to make positive changes.”

Unfortunately searching for purses, bags and boxes to carry lunch, there just weren’t any that where truly fashionable and functional in all the ways I needed.

Here’s what’s important –

It needs to look great and be versatile. It needs to be durable but lightweight so you can use glass containers and fit all essentials. It needs to be sustainable and machine washable for safety.

Most importantly, you need a place setting with stainless steel utensils and a cloth napkin so wherever you find yourself, you can create clean, safe space for eating mindfully.

Inspired by the most iconic style purses and handbags, I designed the first lunch purse for myself.

As a self-care practitioner, I wanted to share the solution to carrying meals with confidence and include the inspiration to practice clean mindful eating anywhere.

Patricia Caballero


Patricia Cabellero Founder and CEO
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Designed For You

A firm believer in leading by example, Patricia set out to re-design the lunch bag to include self-care. She discovered a void in lunch bag offerings – a deficiency in stylish and functional product selection – and created her brand, Persoi which by the way means “for you”.

There just seemed to be a lot of blank space in the fashion industry when it came to bags that could carry meals and still look and feel beautiful.

The real issues seemed to be the fabrics and designs. Patricia researched and came across a unique fabric that was naturally insulating, ultra-lightweight yet durable, and machine washable. She crafted her first Persoi bag and equipped it with a placemat and silverware.

Then, in 2019, she introduced her chic (lunch) bag globally. With a desire to bring a stylish and sophisticated self-care solution to others, Caballero shared multiple iconic product designs, all brimming with essentials and effortlessness.

Now, moving into a new decade, Caballero and Persoi are poised for growth and ready to revive the joy of lunch with additional sizes and styles for the modern-day woman.