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Luxury Lunch Bags For You

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Fashion Meets Performance

Persoi (n. for you) is a luxury lunch bag designed to inspire and empower your everyday lunch. Whether you’re packing leftovers, a personal diet, or just snacks for fitness goals, work, travel or mom life – pack with confidence and carry in style. We include everything you need to keep you looking and feeling your best. 

  • Unique, insulating fabric that is machine washable.

  • Glass containers secured flat, at the bottom of the bag in a removable tray.

  • Separate cosmetic or snack pouch for any essentials.

  • Stainless steel utensils, placemat and a cloth napkin.

“These lunch bags are an instant elevated functional fashion accessory”

Chic • Versatile • Ultra-lightweight

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From you for you 

A lunch bag is so much more than just about carrying food. Like any accessory, It’s a statement about how you want to show up for yourself.  It’s about looking and feeling your best throughout your busy day. After all,  healthy is not about weight, it’s about how, when and what you eat.

When we Nourish (v. provide sustenance and conditions necessary for health and well-being) we are not just ingesting Nutrition (n. the math and science of food) we are listening to and caring for our bodies.

Healthy is recognizing how, what, when,  and what foods,  we eat affect us in body, mind, and soul. Our lunch bags are designed to not only empower your look but inspire you to show up for yourself and eat mindfully, no matter where you are . 

“These lunch bags are an instant elevated functional fashion accessory”  

Insulated • Machine Washable • Accessories Included

Founded by Patricia Caballero, a native Miamian,  passionate about health, and wellness. She recognized the lack of lunch bags or boxes that were both functional and fashionable. 

“Accessories make or break any look” When it came to lunch bags, there just weren’t any that looked great and included all the functional features you need:

Insulated, lightweight, machine washable, perfectly dimensioned and including a complete personal place-setting with stainless steel utensils and a cloth napkin.

“Setting your place signals a pause, a ritual of arrival and statement of self-love”.

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Iconic Styles For Your Life On The Go

Everything you need is included