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Your Lunch Redesigned

Stylish Handbags designed to enjoy a healthy life on the go.
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Mindfully Stylish

Our specially designed handbags include everything you need to be healthy on the go and conscientious of our environment.  Glass containers that are secured neatly upright at the bottom of the bag in a removable tray and a separate cosmetic case for all your purse essentials.

Stainless steel utensils, placemat and a cloth napkin.

Chic – Versatile – Sustainable

Pause and Recharge

One of the most effective healthy habits you can practice daily is taking a lunch break. Packing meals provides the opportunity and Persoi™ provides the ultimate set-up.

Versatile – Insulated – Eco-conscious

Redesign Your Lunch

Healthy is not just what you eat, but how. Set yourself up to eat mindfully by creating a safe clean space anywhere – anytime.

While it may feel counter-intuitive, studies repeatedly show taking a break throughout the day actually increases productivity. Lunch is the perfect opportunity to hold your space.

Wherever you choose to practice – hold your space mindfully.

redesign your lunch-on deck
Lady at desk with Persoi lunch bag

Set The Trend

Inspired by fashion’s most iconic designs with a unique insulating fabric that can go anywhere, our Stylish handbags are specially designed for your on the go healthy life.

Ultra-lightweight, durable, machine washable and quick dry fabric. Naturally insulating, classic styling keeps you organized and ready wherever you are.

Iconic Styles For Women On The Go
Enjoy your meal stylishly, and ensure your food is kept organized and ready when you are!

These lunch purses can be found in three unique styles to suit anyone’s fashion tastes.

All are designed with naturally insulating fabric to keep food cool or warm as it travels with you and also include glass containers, a cloth placemat, cloth napkin, and a set of stainless steel cutlery.

Wherever lunch may occur, you can spread out your place setting and take the time to be present and enjoy your lunch.

As an added bonus, each purse also comes with a matching, zippered cosmetic bag.